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2010-08-24 03:35:19 by jasorulesu

man am i bored like seriusly i have no fans =P (here comes the bitching) no skill Wat soever and i have this anoying bracket buddy who comments on everything (yeah like right now motha fuka) ............... i dislike you bracket man >=( (yeah i...i uh UP YOURS TOO BUDDY) don't make me get Louis out here (you wouldn't!) OH LOUIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *far off shout* PEELLZ! (oh fuck) *pistol shot* AHHHHHHHHHH DAMIT MAH PEELZ! (lol i owned ur black ass!) ..... NOOOOOOOOOOOO WHO WILL I PLAY AS NOW! (me) Ur not in left 4 dead fool (HEY ONLY MISTER T CAN USE THE WORD) whoops sorry (OK kiddos enough chit chat go look at another post before i kill this mutha fuck.a..........................) end transmission


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2010-09-15 08:49:17

You sure know how to have fun.


2011-07-25 02:22:30

You must be very popular at school.

jasorulesu responds:

funny thing is i am :3